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The Canada’s Farm Show Innovation Program brings companies together that continue to invent and re-invent. Our goal is to ensure innovation in the agriculture industry remains a strong and driving force behind our economy.

2020 Innovation Qualifier Application Deadline to apply is May 8, 2020.

2019 Innovation Submissions

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2019 Innovations List
2019 Innovation Guide

2019 Innovations Award Winners

Winners of the 2019 Innovation Awards were announced at the opening ceremonies of Canada’s Farm Show, presented by Viterra.

2019 Gold Standard Award Winners


  • The purpose of AutoBoom XRT is to provide boom height control over challenging terrain to increase sprayer efficacy. AutoBoom XRT is the first boom-leveling product to use radar sensors to measure the distance to the canopy and distance to the ground. Comparatively, other products use ultrasonic sensors – technology vulnerable to water ingression and mounting limitations. AutoBoom XRT’s MR dampers automatically varies the center rack suspension over different terrain. AutoBoom XRT offers more control with machine look ahead. Therefore, AutoBoom XRT can predict how the boom will need to react based on the machine movement. 


​2019 Sterling Standard Award winners


  • Precision.AI produces artificially intelligent drones for fully autonomous farming. The AI-powered machines make decisions at the per-plant level, allowing a level of yield optimization unattainable by humans. The product consists of a platform of drones that autonomously monitor their fields in real-time and spray weeks as they emerge. Through this technology, crop inputs are projected to be reduced by 18%, generating a 52% improvement in annualized return over total expenses. 



  • First Pass is a subscription-based route optimization software solution built by farmers for farmers. First Pass integrates with the existing equipment guidance technology to reduce redundant passes in field by optimizing guidance lines, enabling farmers to increase productivity and profits while reducing environmental impact such as soil compaction across their farm. First Pass increases field efficiency by making it easier to manage equipment and labour while reducing unnecessary passes in a field, all without affecting production.



Innovation Program submissions are qualified by the Canada’s Farm Show Innovation Committee and evaluated by a panel of judges who bring vast knowledge of the agriculture industry. Judges also have the practical and tangible understanding of how innovation can lead to productivity improve­ments on the farm.