The Launch Pad presented by AgExpert

The Launch Pad presented by AgExpert

The Launch Pad Stage at Canada’s Farm Show is a feature that is very innovative and allows our show to present a world class production to our farmers featuring topics on education, innovation, and collaboration.

Education Tuesday, June 21st

9:45AM Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel - Farmer, Speaker, Adovcate and Host of Canada's Farm Show Launch Pad Welcome & Greetings
10:00AM Chief Cadmus Delorme, Cowessess First Nation Roles Indigenous people play moving forward in Agriculture Chief Delorme will share about the importance of Truth and Reconciliation, the role Agricutlure can plan with stronger inclusion of Indigenous People and options moving forward to assure the province and Canada get it right this time.
11:00AM Kevin Stewart - Olympic Producer, Farmer, Entrepreneur, Disruptive Thought Leader AG TALK:
Fake News, Real Problems 1.0 - How the 24/7 News Cycle Impacts Your Mental Health
The recent pandemic is the first global event to be accompanied by an infodemic - a toxic mixture of facts, fear, anger and speculation all amplified by emerging communication technology. This trend not only creates political and economic upheaval but, most of all, threatens your mental health.
11:30AM Mark Cooper - President & CEO, Prairie Clean Energy PRODUCT LAUNCH:
Prairie Clean Energy - Biomass fuel pellets made from flax straw and un-utilized ag residue
12:00PM Launch Networking
1:00PM 1) Parag Garg - Chief Digital Officer, CNH Industrial
2) Bob Mazer - President and CEO, Mazergroup Moderator: Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel
Investments in Precision Tech Parag Garg of CNH, and Bob Mazer of Mazergroup, sit down to discuss the importance of precision technology and the significant investments CNH is making in tools and outcomes that meet their customers’ needs. Learn how the addition of Raven into the CNH fold allows them to provide even more efficiency to farm organizations. Hear firsthand how CNH is investing and taking quantum leaps forward in advancing their autonomy team right here in Saskatchewan.
1:30PM Chris Morson - Sales Specialist, Raven Driving the Future of Ag You may have already considered autonomous solutions or may already be using some. Raven will help you continue to learn about and implement autonomous features that do more to reduce fatigue, improve safety, and allocate resources in a way that eases your operations.

Raven’s approach to Driverless Ag Technology delivers easy-to-implement autonomous farm solutions, OMNiDRIVE™ and OMNiPOWER™, that help the farmer maximize time, safety, and efficiency as the equipment does more of the heavy lifting. Now, the farmer can do more, get more, and give more with every minute of their day.
2:00PM Vikram Vij - Chef Modern Indian food boasts of Canadian ingredients and French techniques Vikram Vij, one of Canada’s great chefs, shares his story of the trials and triumphs in building a world-renowned food empire! Fragrant with the smells of cumin, turmeric, fennel, and cloves, Vij reveals the story of Vikram Vij, one of Canada’s most celebrated chefs and entrepreneurs. Co-owner of the world-famous Vij’s Restaurant in Vancouver, his story is a true rags-to-riches tale of a college dropout from northern India who made it to Europe’s temples of high cuisine, then with a one-way ticket bound for Canada, found fame serving some of the world’s most transcendent Indian cuisine. Vij’s Restaurant, originally a fourteen-seat establishment known for its extraordinary flavours and spice blends, along with a firm no-reservation policy, received accolades from restaurant critics and patrons alike.

A culinary journey that began in India as a boy enjoying the praise of visitors for his chai and biscuits, Vikram’s passion for Indian cooking and his lifelong mission to bring awareness to the culture he left behind have fueled his tireless drive in building a world-renowned food empire. Driven to succeed, Vikram realized his dream to launch five major initiatives under the Vij’s brand by age fifty, but with challenges and sacrifices along the way.
2:45PM - 5:00PM Cultivator, powered by Conexus 24 Hour Start Up | Agtech - Pitch FINALE The event brings together the best and brightest in agriculture, technology, and business to pitch ideas, form teams, and build a minimum viable product (MVP) in just 24 hours! Join us as we watch the 24 Hour Startup | Agtech teams pitch their MVPs to a panel of guest judges for a chance to win up to $7,000.

Innovation Wednesday, June 22nd

9:45AM Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel - Farmer, Speaker, Adovcate and Host of Canada's Farm Show Launch Pad Welcome & Greetings
10:00AM 1) Bryan Prystupa - Senior Product Owner, FCC AgExpert
2) Ken Jackson - CEO, VeriGrain
3) Jesse Hirsch - Futurist & Digital Strategist Moderator: Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel
Farm Digitization in Canada
The high potential of digital applications for agriculture generates enthusiasm about the future of food production. Some view the intelligence offered by digital tools as a way to solve problems. These experts talk about their perspectives on digitization in a practical ways to explore tech opportunties associated with digitalization.
11:00AM Kevin Stewart - Olympic Producer, Farmer, Entrepreneur, Disruptive Thought Leader AG TALK:
Fake News, Real Problems 2.0 - Identifying Biased Information to Make Better Decisions
The growth of technology with the ability to manipulate information, has grown far faster than our ability to detect and manage it. This rapid shift from the information age to the age of disinformation, creates havoc with your ability to make smart business decisions. In this is session you will learn to identify and avoid fake news information.
11:30AM 1) Derek Molnar - Territory Manager | Marketing Manager, Degelman Industries
2) Jordan Heimlick - Junior Design Engineer, Degelman Industries
Degelman Industries - Pro-Cast Precision Granular Applicator
12:00PM Launch Networking
1:00PM 1) Bo Hallborg - Merchandising, Viterra Oilseed Processing
2) Mehmet Tulbek - President, Saskatchewan Food Industry and Development Centre
3) Dr. Bishnu Acharya (PhD) - University of Saskatchewan Moderator: Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel
Enhancing the exploration of the canola chain
The soaring demand for Canadian canola oil used in food and fuel applications has resulted in an increase to process more canola in Saskatchewan. In this panel speakers dig into the growing canola crushing industry. Discussing processing perspectives from producer to plate. Accomplishments in Canola production, crushing industry, food, feed and industrial utilization of canola oil and meal products.
2:00PM North America's Top Investors
Moderator: Kyle Scott - Managing Director - Conexus Venture Capital & Emmertech
The Landscape Investment of Agtech
Hear from a panel of North America's top investors as they discuss what makes agtech a fundamentally different asset class, and why they are so bullish in the industry. Kyle Scott, of Conexus Venture Capital and Emmertech, is moderating the session and will be joined by some of the most active investors in the industry, such as: Fall Line Capital, AgCapital Canada, and more.
2:45PM - 5:00PM Agtech Accelorator
Greetings: Honourable David Marit, Minister of Agriculture
DEMO DAY Cultivator, Emmertech and Economic Development Regina have partnered together to accelerate the growth of agtech through an Agtech Accelerator program. The inaugural cohort (11 companies from Canada and 5 companies from the United Kingdom) will pitch their innovations in hopes of securing a deal with investors in the audience.

Collaboration Thursday, June 23rd

9:45AM Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel - Farmer, Speaker, Adovcate and Host of Canada's Farm Show Launch Pad Welcome & Greetings
10:00AM 1) David Przednowek - Assistant Vice President Grain, CN Rail
2) Kenric Exner - General Manager of Multimodal Logistics and Trade Execution, Viterra
3) Susan Ewart - Executive Director, Saskatchewan Trucking Association Moderator: Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel
The importance of Transportation in Agriculture
Agriculture is a major user of the transportation system, relying on multiple modes of freight through Trucking, Rail and Marine in Canada is increasing Agriculture needs workable solutions.

Transport allows farmers to invest more, increase production and reach the international ranges to deliver quality products. Correct logistics is the key to managing the assets or goods from the point of origin to the consumers.
11:00AM Adrienne Ivey - Rancher, Blogger, Passionate Agriculture Advocate AG TALK:
Modern Ag
Lesley is raising the beef on your plate, and she loves talking about it!! She shares farm stories, and bridges the gap between farms and people that are preparring and eating the food farmers grow. Recognizing the moment in time and answering the questions people have about their food.
11:30AM Curt Borys - Director of Product Marketing, Brandt Group of Companies PRODUCT LAUNCH:
Brandt High-Speed Disc
12:00PM Launch Networking
1:00PM Karen Proud - President and Chief Executive Officer, Fertilizer Canada KEY NOTE:
Fertilizer: Policies, Politics and Programs
Attendees will have a chance to hear directly from Karen Proud, Fertilizer Canada’s President & CEO, the latest issues, programs and trends affecting fertilizer: Canada’s most important farm input.
2:00PM Tim McMillan, former Saskatchewan Party MLA AG TALK:
Is Canadian Agriculture the next target for the international protest movement?
Tim McMillan will talk about international protestors and how they might try to impact the future of agriculture. First they targeted the forestry industry, next they targeted the oil and gas industry, and now they are adjusting their sights on the agriculture industry. The international protestors will push for anti-investment in the industry. As President and CEO of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) for more than seven years, Tim McMillan was directly experiencing the international protest movement and how it affected the oil and gas sector. Tim will provide some insight on how to be aware of and handle this international protestor movement should it shift to the Agriculture industry.
2:30PM Patricia Youzwa - Former President & CEO, SaskPower AG TALK:
Investing in Infrastructure to Grow Canada’s Agriculture Sector
Trade and transportation infrastructure supports stronger, more efficient gateways to domestic and international markets and helps Canadian businesses compete and grow. Building on Canada’s worldwide reputation as a leader in agricultural production, the Agriculture Infrastructure Initiative supports both provincial (e.g., Saskatchewan’s $4 billion Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Projects) and federal priorities. The Canada Infrastructure Bank is working with the provinces, which play a critical role in the agriculture and agri-food sector, to develop partnerships such as the Alberta Irrigation project, an historic expansion of agriculture irrigation infrastructure. CIB’s $466 million investment will create jobs, expand primary production and grow the provincial and national economies. Additionally, CIB has invested to expedite assessment work on the New Westminster Rail Bridge in British Columbia. Investments in these asset types will increase Canada’s competitiveness in terms of trade and commerce by improving connections between Western Canada and Asia-Pacific economies. CIB Agriculture Infrastructure Initiative investments across the agriculture and agri-food value chain help build a strong, growing, and resilient economy.
3:00PM Kristjan Hebert - Managing Partner, Hebert Grain AG TALK:
How to run a successful farming operation: Myth vs Facts
We hear these sayings often and they've been passed down for generations. But, are they really true? Kristjan Hebert will challenge your assumptions about what it takes to run a progressive, sustainable and profitable farming operation. Winner of Top Producer 2020 and a Climate Positive Leader in 2021, Hebert is widely considered one of the brightest young minds in farming today and the face of modern farming in Canada. You won't want to miss this myth-busting session with Kristjan!
3:30PM Networking

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