Launch Pad Innovations

Launch Pad Innovations

At Canada's Farm Show, we invite our exhibitors to showcase their latest and greatest innovation in Equipment, Technology and Service in the Agriculture Industry.

Each AgTech Innovation must be unique and new to the market. A priority will be placed on innovations that are unique or significantly different from products that are currently available in the marketplace.

Companies are invited to submit applications of their newest ideas and advancements to Canada's Farm Show AgTech Innovation Program. This year will mark the 44th year of the program and we are excited to be able to showcase these new innovated products in our AgTech Innovation Pavilion.

The top 3 finalists will receive a professional video of their invention and a prize package valued at $2500.00. All Innovations displayed in the AgTech Innovation Pavilion at CFS will be eligible for half price booth space.

New Equipment


Name of Inventor: Better Made Italy
Name of Manufacturer: Better Made Italy
T: 306-545-7236 |

Better Made 4 Wheel Steer Tractor is more than a tractor. This "Tool Carrier" is exceptional in it's characteristics, it's not just a tractor. For mowing anywhere that you're inclined.


Name of Inventor: Triple Green Products
Name of Manufacturer: Triple Green Products
T: 204-746-6333 |

The Triple Green Products BioDryAir is a grain drying system that is fueled by biomass instead of fossil fuels, it is the first commercially available unit of its kind.

The purpose of the Triple Green Products BioDryAir is to allow grain farmers, custom dryers, and elevators to be able to use biomass to fuel their grain dryers rather than fossil fuels. This creates an operational cost savings in that the biomass burns dryer than fossil fuels resulting in reduced amounts needed to dry the grain and is not subject to carbon tax resulting in further reduced costs. Another one of the purposes of the the BioDryAir is to offer an environmentally conscious method of drying grain.


Name of Inventor: Norbert Beaujot
Name of Manufacturer: SeedMaster Manufacturing Ltd.
T: 306-721-3001 |

At 60 feet wide with 750 bushels of total capacity, the Ultra SR increases maneuverability and contours to the land to ensure precise seed and fertilizer placement. SeedMaster has raised the bar again by introducing an entirely new model of seeding system with the Ultra SR - an exceedingly precise and nimble single rank seeding system equipped with our patented, industryleading UltraPro ll metering and opener technologies. Because of this unique design, this seeding system offers unsurpassed agility, residue clearance, product handling, and crop emergence.

New Equipment Innovation


Name of Inventor: Roland Wohlgemuth
Name of Manufacturer: Michel's Industries T: 306-366-2184 |

Camera attached to an arm which automatically lifts up when the roll tarp is opened on a grain trailer for viewing loading grain. The arm will also keep its position if struck by low doors or auger spouts. The arm then folds down under the tarp when the tarp is closed. Allows customers to monitor loading grain without climbing and rushing up and down the grain trailer to view filling. Much safer and less likely to spill grain.


Name of Inventor: Francisco Zacharias
Name of Manufacturer: NorBin
T: 204-384-7850 |

Our new patent-pending, Full-Floor Hopper Aeration system is an ingenious design that is revolutionizing hopper bottom-bins. Our hopper bottom grain bin aeration system is like no other because we offer a "full floor" aeration system where the entire hopper is aerated.

Our design will aerate the whole hopper cone to eliminate wet pockets in your grain bin. This system includes a second, perforated floor inside the hopper cone. The air is then equally distributed between the hopper cone and pushed through the perforated floor. As a result, grain bins do not need to be filled to the top for our aeration system to work. Your grain will always receive even airflow.


Name of Inventor: Darren Grose
Name of Manufacturer: Rodono Industries
T: 403-784-3864 | | E:

This is an add on kit to fit existing air seeders with a retracting transfer auger. To make it easier to unload hopper bottom trailers into an air seeder cart.


Name of Inventor: Brian Cruson
Name of Manufacturer: Airguard Incorporated
T: 604-787-5409 |

The Airguard Sabre Clamp is the ultimate clamping system to ensure that your air seeder hoses stay where they should be. Our patented technology uses teeth to bite into the hose for 2x more clamping power. Keep Hoses Locked in Place - Patented clamp with integrated teeth grips hose 2x more than standard hose clamps. Prevent Misses in your field - Nothing is worse than seeing strips in your field where a hose came off. Airguard Sabre Clamps will keep your hoses where they should be. Peace of mind - Know that you don't have to keep checking to make sure all your hoses are attached.


Name of Inventor: Pat Beaujot, David Kosior, Trevor Phenix
Name of Manufacturer: AgMinded Research & Development
T: 306-735-7783 | E:

This is a large scale 10,000 bu. portable grain bin. It is designed to help with the harvest surge capacity. Much like grain bags are used. It goes into telescope down to transport meeting highway height limits and once on site it telescopes up to be a large hopper bin. The hopper base has receivers for transport wheels. All lifting and lowering is done with hydraulic motors. To give farmers an alternative to grain bags. It also provides farmers with a better resale value for large scale grain storage.


Name of Inventor: Mike Hrabarchuk & Darin Hubscher
Name of Manufacturer: Ag Shield
T: 204.281.4440 |
E: |

The TerraFormer is a pull behind Earth Mover that cango from a v wing shape to a pull-dozer shape using onelarge hydraulic cylinder. This allows a farmer to have thebenefits of two machines in one. In transport position,the TerraFormer is under 12' and it has a low centre ofgravity giving it the safest design for road transport.


Name of Inventor: Greg O’Hare
Name of Manufacturer: Go Technologies Ltd.
T: 204-362-3668 |

The ThunderDryer gives you the opportunity to condition and dry your grain in your bin allowing you to take your grain off the field in better conditions and operate your harvest in less than favourable conditions. The Dryer works on positive pressure and will not shut down with static pressure. Flu gasses are vented off before they enter the bin, meaning water vapour is not a concern. You are able to dry your grain in the bin with no monitoring required. The ThunderDryer features an efficient heat exchange system that isolates combustion gases and exhaust and eliminates heat source contact with valuable inventory.

The Air Missile was designed to solve the problem of moisture caps forming at the top of bins using in-bin aeration to dry grain. It consists of an 8" vertical tube that directs air to the upper portion of the bin where the moisture cap usually forms. This redirected air flow continues to push the moisture up and out, drying the grain faster and more evenly throughout the bin.

Get even drying from top to bottom and eliminate the need to turn your grain with complete drying in one bin. The Air Missile is a cost effective method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, maintaining grain quality, and increasing the storage life of your grain.

The purpose of the ThunderDryer and Air Missile is to recreate the perfect day on the field and save the farmer time and money. The set work together to dry grain faster and without the need to turn their grain or monitor the operation, thus allowing the farmer more time for other jobs on the farm.


Name of Inventor: Vale Industries
Name of Manufacturer: Vale Industries
T: 306-695-2460 |

The Vale Grain Giant is the evolution of decades of experience combined with a vision to drive efficiency at harvest time. The Grain Giant was designed for the producer who is looking to increase productivity on their farm. Built to withstand the harshest environments with heavy-duty materials and ingenious design, the mobile grain bin Grain Giant has been field-proven in Australia and is now successfully in use for harvest 2020 in North America.

Purpose of this machine is to maximize harvest efficiency and increase safety on the farm.

New Equipment Service


Name of Inventor: Wilger Industries Ltd.
Name of Manufacturer: Wilger Industries Ltd.
T: 306-242-4121 | | E:

The Combo-Rate boom end flush valve (CRBEFV) will set the next generation of sprayer booms, in both function and boom hygiene. The valve easily incorporates the easiest recirculating sprayer boom plumbing possible. The flanged fitting can be attached to any boom pipe, removing any threads from a sprayer boom (risk of failure). The Combo-Rate ports on both sides of the valve provide a nozzle body or turret to be placed at the furthest most part of the spray boom, allow zero deadspace for chemical residue to build and accumulate. The boom end flush valve provides a full drain flush valve directly below the last nozzle body at the furthest-most part of the boom, ensuring the end of the sprayer boom cannot develop any chemical buildup. The nozzle body position also passive purges all air that is caught in the sprayer boom that can cause nozzle run-on. Every aspect of the flush valve is designed to maximize function, safety & hygiene, and provide a platform for the best sprayer booms for the next decade and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Improve environmental safety & sprayer hygiene (Recirculating sprayer booms, less chemical dripping or run-on, less cross contamination between chemicals)
  • Improve Operator safety and improve function. (Fully contained flush valve, full boom drain & rinse, common flanged fitting so it is compatible with common plumbing fittings regardless of sprayer)
  • Improved Productivity
    (recirculating sprayer functions, no threaded fittings that are prone to failure over time, better rinsing, easier flushing, easy nozzle selection with turret)
  • Most Compact Sprayer valve on the market - With many sprayers today, the sprayer boom frame is very tight, resulting in many products to retro-fit to a recirculating sprayer boom would simply not fit or work. The CRBEFV fits flush to the last nozzle body turret, using no wasted space on the boom at all.
New Equipment Technology


Name of Inventor: John Gehrer
Name of Manufacturer: Never Spill
T: 204-371-7839 |

The "NORM" truck safety fill spout attaches to the truck-loading auger. Once the grain on the truck reaches the spout, an audio alarm is activated. This lets the truck driver know to move the truck forward. By repeatedly moving the truck, when alarm sounds the whole truck can be filled without getting out of the cab or climbing up on the trailer.

New Service


Name of Inventor: Roy Carter
Name of Manufacturer:
T: 866-263-7480 |
E: provides a unique, leading edge online sales platform to market and sell Agricultural Land in Western Canada. In Agriculture, for any job you need the right piece of equipment and the right operator. At we are just that - the right platform with the right team of professionals to advise on all matters to ensure you receive top value from the sale of your Agricultural Land. was designed by Roy Carter, Q.C. to eliminate the shortcomings associated with decades old methods of selling Agricultural Land. As a lawyer and farmer in rural Alberta, Roy often witnessed the difficulties and the stress farmers encountered when the time came to sell their land. Farmers know better than anyone the importance of using the right tool for a specific job, yet when the time came to sell, there was no tool tailored just for agricultural land. is a function of trying to address the shortcomings with traditional formats, whether selling at the kitchen table, sale by auction, tender in the newspaper, or listing with conventional real estate.

New Technology


Name of Inventor: Bourgault Industries Ltd.
Name of Manufacturer: Bourgault Industries Ltd.
T: 306-275-2300 |

The hydraulic frame adjust 3335QDA PHD is available with the ground-breaking AccuSet on-the-go seed depth adjustment option. To adapt to the ever-changing moisture conditions, AccuSet allows you to adjust your seeding depth accurately, from the seat of the tractor, and reach the moisture with ease. Smart hydraulic cylinders are connected to an ECU that you control, via Bluetooth, through an AccuSet app installed on your smartphone. The simple and intuitive screen makes operation easy.

To adapt to the ever-changing moisture conditions to help ensure even emergence resulting in maximized field productivity. The AccuSet2 System allows you to adjust your seeding depth accurately, from the seat of the tractor, and reach moisture with ease.


Name of Inventor: Alain Goubau
Name of Manufacturer: Combyne Ag
T: 613-223-6110 |

Combyne Ag is a digital crop marketing hub built for grain farmers.

Independently integrating across the different crop marketing programs and grain buyers a farmer works with, Combyne manages all of a farmer's marketing records in mobile-friendly App, informing decisions across every bushel of grain they market.

When it comes to selling their crop, farmers lack the data, insight, and tools they need to make optimal decisions. When deciding to sell, a farmer needs to consider an overwhelming number of variables. This includes data unique to a farmer's individual farm (e.g. cost of production, available storage, available inventory) as well as micro- and macro- market conditions (e.g. futures prices, local bids, freight costs). In an ideal scenario, a farmer would make decisions that would lead to optimal returns to their farm (e.g. maximize gross margin) and minimal risk of losses (e.g. overcommitting, selling below cost).


Name of Inventor: South Country Equipment
Name of Manufacturer: South Country Equipment
T: 306-721-5050 |

Crop Intelligence is a software application developed in Regina, Saskatchewan that brings agronomic insights to in-field soil moisture and environmental sensor data. Soil moisture and rainfall are important determinants of yield potential in field crops such as wheat and canola. Crop Intelligence utilizes site-specific weather station and soil moisture information throughout the growing season to track Water Driven Yield Potential and support the data-driven decisions of farmers and their agronomists. Up to this point, Crop Intelligence has focused primarily on dryland farming. However, irrigation farmers are interested in utilizing the software, even though it has not been optimized for their needs or marketed to them.


Name of Inventor: Raven Industries
Name of Manufacturer: Raven Industries
T: 605-336-2750 |

OMNiPOWER 3200 is the next evolution of our autonomous power platform. It features mechanistic, functional, and aesthetic upgrades. The new Tier 5 engine has increased horsepower and the machine's hydraulics system has been optimized, adding 50% more power to the ground to improve operating speeds. The 3200 model features improvements to serviceability, making it easier for customers to work on the machine in the field.

Features include:

  • Remote command, supervision, and monitoring in the field or another cab
  • Completes spreading and spraying tasks autonomously
  • Multi-directional moving, multi-purpose machine that delivers effortless implement changeover
  • Short- and long-range sensors detect obstacles for safe operation
  • Can be run in autonomous mode in fields or by handheld remote control in yards or equipment sheds.
  • "Labour shortage concerns within our local growers have really elevated the need for more automation and robotics on the farm." - Chuck Baresich, President of Haggerty AgRobotics.


Name of Inventor: Quantum Genetix
Name of Manufacturer: Quantum Genetix
T: 306-956-2071 |

Q-Reveal takes a new approach to feedlot technology. Combining individual genetic variability with proprietary algorithms to identify and account for pen performance. Allowing feedlot producers to maximize feeding margins and prioritize shipments for increased profitability. Q-Reveal fills a niche hole in the cattle feedlot industry that has been overlooked - when and how to market cattle. Traditionally industry has used live cattle weight as a precursor and evaluation of when a beef animal is ready for harvest. Q-Reveal uses both genomic information and scientific data to track the growth of the beef carcass allowing for an unbiased, accurate and precise decision making on when cattle need to be shipped.

This innovation allows for larger feedlots over 10, 000 head to maximize every dollar in margin per pen, considering feeding cost and current market prices. As well as enabling smaller feedlots under 5,000 head to harness the knowledge and tools to make decisions that traditionally have not been available to them.


Name of Inventor: Vince Pawluski
Name of Manufacturer: Pawlutions Ltd.
T: 780-837-4462 |

RCFarmArm overlays your armrest controls, and ignition key in minutes, no wiring just secure both modules and plug in to tractor's accessory power port. Giving you the safe control of your tractor where ever you need to be standing while performing stationary PTO tasks. Control engine starting and stopping, engage/disengage PTO, 2 Hydraulic functions on/off and 4 users' customizable functions. PTO engage and engine start have a safety interlock, therefore they require 2 buttons to be pressed together to perform their functions. Farmers are able to safely stop all functions and shut the tractor down in seconds with the e-stop on the remote. There is also a second e-stop located on the electrical box inside the tractor. We have an additional add on steering modular for bagger and extractor use. RcFarmArm has an internal battery to allow shut down of all controls in case of a 12v power interruption. There are 5 indicator lights (located in the tractor so it can be viewed from all sides) to visually alert of what functions are being used.

The purpose of the innovation was to bring safety to the operator of stationary PTO equipment. To have the safety and convince of having all the tractor controls in their hand. RCFarmArm allows the farmer to be standing where they need to be when operating stationary PTO equipment, providing a safer option than climbing up and down the tractor stairs and running back and forth to the tractor. Thus keeping the operator away from the PTO shaft, where the OEM's have placed their solution. This is the first product that has been available to the end user.


Name of Inventor: Intelligent Agriculture Solutions
Name of Manufacturer: Intelligent Agriculture Solutions
T: 701-356-9222 |

Recon SpraySense is a retrofittable spray quality monitoring solution for commercial sprayers that monitors the flow and pressure at every nozzle tip and provides that information to the operator via an iPad application. The Recon SpraySense system tracks on-target application and coverage of the spray operation by incorporating machine speed, and nozzle selection, into the per-nozzle pressure and flow performance. This insight ensures each aspect of the operation is well understood and enables the farmer to know if they are applying correctly. Recon SpraySense is a closed system that works across a plethora of machine types, including self-propelled and pull behind. The only interface requirements are a power source, the correct nozzle body interface, and an iPad. The system provides all necessary components for installation.

Operators do not know how each nozzle is performing on their sprayer. All the value of these advanced machines is centered around the performance of the spray tip. Knowing this performance, the operator has critical insight into their machine, and can take several actions to improve their on-target performance. Reducing travel speed, making adjustments to the system pressure, replacing failing nozzle tips and catching blockages are just a few of the many actions the operator can take.


Name of Inventor: Jason McNamee, Farah Nour, Peter Gross & Michael Riedijk
Name of Manufacturer: Lucent Bio
T: 778-676-4155 |

Soileos is a suite of bioactive crop nutrition products that enhances yields, increases crop quality, improves soil health, and amplifies nutrient density. Lucent BioSciences' patented process upcycles agriculture and food processing cellulose-rich co-products such as: lentil, pea, wheat and oat hulls into a sustainable delivery agent for nutrients. Soileos has a consistent particle size, and is smooth, hard, and easy to distribute for precise application. Each granule of Soileos is packed with nutrients, and is free of unwanted contaminants.

Lucent Bio has solved the challenge of nutrient delivery in agriculture with a new class of fertilizers we've branded "Soileos". Lucent's core technology is a composition of matter patent that describes the process of binding all major classes of micronutrients in bioavailable form to cellulose fibers without the nutrients tying up or leaching into the environment. In addition, all of Lucent's products are integrated with bioavailable sulfur and potassium. Lucent has branded this new product "Soileos". Due to its unique chemical properties, the nutrients remain bio- available throughout the growth cycle of the crops. This bioavailability is the result of the micronutrients contained in Soileos being released only under biological demand from crops and the soil microbiome.


Name of Inventor: Bourgault Industries Ltd.
Name of Manufacturer: Bourgault Industries Ltd.
T: 306-275-2300 |


The new TriMax Triple-Shoot System provides unrivaled seed safety by delivering true independent product separation in one pass. A dedicated seed line is directed to the center of the seed row, starter fertilizer is placed in a side-band, and nitrogen is directed to the Mid Row Bander Fertilizer Applicators. By incorporating a small separation between seed and starter fertilizer and N through the MRBs, Producers can apply rates required for a maximum yield without endangering their seed.

The TriMax Triple-Shoot System significantly reduces seed mortality allowing producers to confidently lower seeding rates, yet still achieve the same target plant stand.


Name of Inventor: Ken Jackson
Name of Manufacturer: VeriGrain Sampling Inc.
T: 306-717-6414 |

VeriGrain is an inventory intelligence system which allows producers to track grain quality and quantity as it is sampled while being loaded in and out of storage. A digital record is created using the VeriGrainTM app to which grain characteristics can easily be added and shared. Grain samples are stored in bar coded containers and tamper-evident bags for easy management and traceability.

VeriGrain helps ensure samples are representative, so analysis is accurate. It allows producers to analyze stored grain inventory to plan a marketing strategy to get maximum prices. Information can be digitally shared with buyers, who have confidence in the analysis.

New Technology Innovation


Name of Inventor: Findoor Industrial Inc.
Name of Manufacturer: Findoor Industrial Inc.
T: 403-680-5667 |

Supply folding doors to help better seal large openings in the agriculture world. Our doors have no cables, springs or drums, seal to the face of the structure and have very little wearable products.

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